Fairy Harp, 3d printed keyblade

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  • Includes keychain
  • Assemble mechanism
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The Fairy Harp’s overall color scheme is reminiscent of Peter Pan’s clothing. Its handle is dark green and the base of its guard is light green. The rest of the guard is comprised by two sets of wings, one white pair that create the sides of the guard, and one light blue pair above them. These wings are similar to Tinker Bell’s. The base of the blade is dark green and the shaft is light green and rounded.

It comes in several parts for a easy assemble and to provide a sturdy build.

  • Dimensions:
    1000 mm length
  • Includes assemble mechanism

This comes in RAW Finish, which means you will require sanding, filling and painting.


Modeled by Grimworks’ Crew


This product never must be considered as an official merchandise.

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