Gula Mask

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Gula is a boy who hides his face under a white leopard mask. His pale yellow, hooded cloak covers a robe, shirt, and sash that are all yellowish-tan in coloration and have dark grey embroidering. Light blue tassels appear on the front of Gula’s cloak.

Gula’s name is derived from the word gula, which means “gluttony” in Latin and is the only Foreteller not by represented by their animal in the Ancrene Wisse, being represented by a leopard instead of a pig.

It comes in several parts for a easy assemble and to provide a sturdy build.


  • Measurments pending

This comes in RAW Finish, which means you will require sanding, filling and painting.


Modeled by TomodachiCo, Follow us on

This product  must never be considered as an official merchandise, fan made version of it. 

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