Ursus Keyblade, 3D printed replica

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  • Includes keychain
  • Assemble mechanism
  • Ready to ship in 2–3 weeks*

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Ursus is one of the five Unions the player can join in Unchained X. The animal representing the Union is a bear. The Ursus Foreteller is Aced, a man who wears brown robes with a cream hood and a bear mask hiding his face. His Keyblade is brown and gray, with a rock motif.

It comes in several parts for a easy assemble and to provide a sturdy build.

  • Dimensions:
  • 100 cm length

This comes in RAW Finish, which means you will require to sand, fill and paint.


Modeled by Grimworks’ Crew, Follow us on Instagram.com/GrimworksMX


This product never must be considered as an official merchandise.

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